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The Facilities Department is dedicated to maintain and improve the buildings, grounds, and infrastructure of Our Lady of Peace Church and Shrine.

More Details

The Facilities Department is responsible for all parish and shrine facilities including:

  • Maintenance and cleaning of all buildings and grounds
  • Facilities improvement projects
  • Facilities Reservations
    Although our Family Learning Center is not available for rent, it is available to parish groups for functions related to Our Lady of Peace. For more information and to check availability, please Download and Fill out a request form and submit it to the rectory for consideration.
  • Operation and maintenance of all A/V equipment
  • Management and support of all IT equipment
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Security
  • Event support
  • Forms for Hosting Youth Activities in a Safe Environment

If you have any questions about Facilities Department, you may contact George Costa at (408)988-4585 ext. 2121

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