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Preparing couples to have lifelong, strong, and sacramental marriages.

Two Shall Become One

You are about to make a life-long commitment of love for one another—a decision which you should approach with great seriousness, as well as joyful hearts.  Marriage–the union of a man and a woman for life–is regarded as a sacrament in the Catholic Church and as with all sacraments, some preparation is needed by both the bride and the groom.  This page serves as an overview to help you prepare appropriately.

In general, please allow AT LEAST SIX MONTHS in advance of the wedding date for preparation.  If one or both of you are under the age of 19, please allow for an additional month or so for professional evaluation.

Getting Started

Call the Rectory to arrange a preliminary interview with our marriage coordinator (both bride and groom must attend).  After reviewing our guidelines and fees, an interview with a priest can be scheduled and only then a discussion of available dates can follow.

Planning Your Ceremony

Couples may make their ceremony as personal as possible within the guidelines of the Church.  It is important to remember the presence of Christ and the Blessed Sacrament in the church.  Therefore, the music before, during and after the ceremony should be liturgical and all members of the wedding party, including the bride, should plan for modest attire (no strapless or off the shoulder gowns or revealing necklines are allowed).  To maintain liturgical reverence, please coordinate all arrangements for music, organist, vocalist, video, photography and church flowers in advance with our coordinator and music director.


It is required that our church organist and cantors be contracted for your wedding ceremony (4-6 months prior to wedding).  We can also provide you with a choir and violinist.  We do not allow CD’s or popular music to be played or sung in the ceremony.  Be advised that a fee is required for each contracted liturgical musician.  Should you contract other musicians (vocalist or instrumentalist), it is required that our music director meet with you to approve music selections and provide rehearsals to help things run smoothly.


Rice, flowers, birdseeds, or any other material is not allowed to be thrown.  If decorating pews, keep in mind that tape is NOT allowed.  Flowers are to be secured with clamps provided by a florist.  Runners are allowed and are available through most florists.

Marriage Coordinator

Genevieve Van Tuyl