Mass and Confession Times

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Updated December 3, 2020 at 6:30pm


Effective Tuesday, November 17th, the Diocese of San Jose communicated to us that, in accord with the state & county guidelines, we will need to temporarily suspend indoor Masses.  We will continue to have mMasses out in the parking lot as we were previously doing.  We will also have the 8AM Daily Mass livestreamed, with outdoor seating up to 200 available in the grotto.

Please take a good look at the new mass schedule, it has changed.

*Mass locations will be subject to change, so please attentive to that possibility upon arrival.

Weekend Mass Schedule – Saturday & Sunday


6:30AM          Parking lot
8:00AM          Outdoors (limit 100)
5:00PM           Parking lot
7:00PM           Parking lot

6:30AM          Parking lot
8:00AM          Parking lot
10:00AM        Parking lot
12PM               Parking lot
2:00PM          Parking lot
4:00PM          Parking lot
6:00PM           Spanish Mass – Parking lot
8:00PM           Parking lot

Weekday Mass Schedule – Monday to Friday

6:30AM          Parking lot
8:00AM          Outdoors (limit 100)
12PM               Parking lot
5:15PM           Parking lot

Prayers & Devotions (live-streamed to both Facebook and Youtube):

  • 11am Tuesday Priest-Led Holy Hour: Rosary, Chaplet of Divine Mercy & Benediction
  • 6pm Weekly Novena of St. Anthony on Tuesdays
  • 6pm Weekly Novena of Our Lady of Perpetual Help on Wednesdays

Mass at OLOP (live-streamed to both Facebook and Youtube):

  • 8am Monday to Saturday Daily Mass
  • 9am Sunday online English Mass
  • 11am Domingo online Misa en Español

Confession Schedule
(located outside next to the rectory building)

  • Monday: 12:00noon, 5:15pm
  • Tuesday to Friday: 8:00am, 12:00noon, 5:15pm
  • Saturday: 8:00am, 3:30pm through the 7:00pm Mass
  • Sunday: during each of the Sunday Masses

Confessions are held outside next the rectory building during the times listed above.

Important Notes:

  • During this phase, as we have been doing, we will Livestream the evening devotions online without the Mass, e.g., St. Anthony, Mother of Perpetual Help, etc.
  • If you are outside, we are requesting that you bring your own chair to use during this phase of re-opening. This will prevent cross contamination and cut down on sanitizing demands.
  • We will probably need to keep this Mass schedule during the re-opening phases and we will reassess periodically.
  • We will live stream the 8am Mass on Monday through Saturday, and we will live stream the 9AM English Mass and the 11AM Spanish Mass on Sundays.


  • Please bring your own mask.  Those 6 years old and up will need to wear a face mask or other adequate face covering.
  • Please bring your own hand sanitizer that can be used before receiving Holy Communion.  Note: You should bring your own mask and hand sanitizer with you to any parish or Diocesan function.
  • Please bring your own chair when attending Masses in the courtyard grotto
  • You should refrain from attending public worship, parish activities, or coming to the church for private prayer and devotion if:
    •  you are in a high-risk category (above age of 65; underlying health issue or compromised immune system),
    • if you have been exposed to COVID-19,
    • or if you are ill (coughing/sneezing, fever of 100f or higher, or are feeling ill)


* Please note that during this outdoor phase of public worship the large parking lot will be closed off for Masses.  Therefore, for visits to the Shrine, for Adoration or Confession, please park in the small parking lots.

  • Mass in the Courtyard: Please form a line before Mass begins.  Please follow the instructions of the ushers who will be helping direct you to your places.
    • You will be instructed to maintain a social distance between the households (6ft).
    • Children must always remain under the close supervision of parents/family at all times.
    • Please bring your own chairs for Mass in the courtyard.\
  • Mass in the parking lot: The only entrance/exit will be from Our Lady’s Way. There will be a security guard and volunteers who will direct you to your parking spots.
    • Please stay in your vehicles at all times, unless you need to line up for confession or use the restroom. The restrooms that are designated for public use are only in the Family Learning Center.
    • The vehicles will also need to remain at least six feet apart.
    • We will broadcast the Mass on an FM radio signal (92.9 FM) so that you can follow along from your vehicle and we will announce the station to you upon arrival.
    • Due to county restrictions, Mass is limited to 100 cars only. Holy Communion can only be distributed to those in their vehicles in the parking lot participating in the Mass.


  • Masses will be conducted as you have seen on the Livestream with reduced number of people in and around the sanctuary.
    • During this phase there will be no altar servers or choirs, and there will be only one lector for each Mass.
  • Collection. Collection baskets will not to be passed during the liturgy.  You will be able to place your weekly gift in a basket as you enter or exit your section or the parking lot.  We strongly encourage online giving via the parish website (, as it minimizes contact and processing.  Mailing your envelope to the parish office is always an option as well.  We count on your continued financial support–many thanks to those who have contributed online!
  • Receive Holy Communion reverently only by hands during this phase.
    • Before receiving Communion, the faithful are to use hand sanitizer.
    • Outdoor Mass: There will be designated communion lines; ushers will direct and assist. The faithful keep their face coverings on and join the line, maintaining the required physical distance. Once they have received communion, they are asked to proceed back to their seat.
    • In the Parking lot Mass: Eucharistic ministers will walk to each car. Please turn on your emergency blinkers to indicate that you wish to receive Communion and  make sure the car windows are down before the Eucharistic Minister arrives.
  • The faithful approach the priest/deacon/extraordinary minister wearing their face masks and extending their hands, maintaining as much distance as possible.
    • With their free hand, they lower their face mask, consume the host, reposition their face mask, and return to their seat and then re-sanitize their hands.


  • After the final blessing, parishioners should remain in their place.
    • You will be dismissed in an orderly fashion.
  • Make sure you wash your hands when you arrive to your respective homes.


  • We will continue to implement cleanliness and sanitization practices.
  • During the week, we will continue to conduct the sanitization practices after the Masses and periodically throughout the day. We request your patience and cooperation with those who will be doing the disinfecting during those intervals, which may mean you will have to vacate your seat or step outside for a moment while the area is cleaned.
  • Disinfecting bathrooms, door handles, and other frequently touched surfaces occur throughout the day.