Parish Groups and Committees

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Consecration to Jesus Through Mary

“Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary is based on St. Louis de Montfort’s book, True Devotion to Mary. The program consists of 33 days of prayer and exercises which help purify one’s soul in preparation for Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary.  This includes Spiritual Talks and Conferences, Book Clubs, and other spiritual enhancing events at Our Lady of Peace Church & Shrine to help the faithful prepare for a deeper relationship with the Lord Jesus through the Blessed Mother. Since Jesus came into this world through the Blessed Mother, what better way to come to Jesus than through the Blessed Mother.”

If you are interested in taking steps to consecrate yourself to the Blessed Virgin Mary, make sure you are put on the email list to be notified of the next program.

For more information, Please contact Glenda Dubsky at 650-996-7305

Altar Servers:

Boys are invited to serve at Mass, processions, benediction and at all liturgical celebrations. Reverent serving provides the opportunity to worship God and to assist with prayer of the whole congregation. Through serving at the altar and assisting the priests, boys grow in their love, reverence, and devotion to Jesus our Eternal Priest.

For more information, please contact the parish rectory at 408-988-4585.

Altar Society:

The Altar Society helps with the embellishment of the Sanctuary as they take care of the altar linens and the rest of the sacristy’s needs. The Altar Society funds the beautiful flower décor which adorns the altar surrounding the Blessed Sacrament.

For more information, please contact Helen Hovland at or Cherrie Dianand at 408-421-9821 or

Bay Area Women of St. Joseph Promesa:

This non-profit organization, established at Our Lady of Peace, focuses on supporting the needs of the Catholic community during the hour of need of its members (e.g. member funerals, adapting to the local community, obtaining information and referral services, etc.) through the intercession of St. Joseph.

For more information, please contact Dot Rodriguez at 408-624-2490.

Carmelite Third Order:

Members of the Carmelite Third Order of Our Lady of Mount Carmel make a formal and public commitment to living the Carmelite way of life. Although meetings are not held at the parish they support the needs of the parish, by praying the rosary, and the devotions to St. Teresa of Avila.

For more information, please contact Joyce Gabe at

Couples for Christ – Foundation for Family and Life:

CFC-FFL is an international lay, evangelistic, and missionary community recognized by the Vatican Pontifical Council for the Laity whose primary work is evangelization, founded on family renewal. Our mission is to strive for holiness of life as we commit to renew the temporal order through are
work and with the poor, for justice, and for life.

For more information, please contact Maria Linda Respicio at 408-838-7885 or or Boni Capuyan at 408-718-8785 or

Fil-Am Association:

The Fil-Am Association was formed by the growing number of Filipino-Americans in the community to help preserve and pass on the rich cultural values and religious traditions of their native land in a family environment.

For more information, contact Ernesto Camat (408) 373-8475 and Amy Acorda (408) 855-8485

Finance Committee:

The Parish Finance Council is established to advise and assist the Pastor in all matters pertaining to parish finances. In this, it is directed by the values of the Gospel in fulfilling its responsibilities, as well as by good business practices. Its members are appointed by the Pastor after consultation with the Parish Pastoral Council.

For more information, email

Grupo Santo Tomás (Familias Unidas En Cristo)

Nuestro “Grupo Santo Tomas” es un resultado del grupo “Familias Unidas en Cristo (FUeC”) o “Grupo de Jovenes Unidos en Cristo”, el cual fue fundado hace más de una década en la Parroquia de San Francisco de Asís en la ciudad de East Palo Alto, CA, lugar donde contabamos siempre con la asesoría espiritual y apoyo incondicional de nuestro Párroco el Padre Goode.
En el caminar del grupo tuvimos la bendición de encontrar al Instituto del Verbo Encarnado (IVE) quiénes tienen a su cargo la Evangelización en la Parroquia de Nuestra Señora de la Paz (OLOP) de Santa Clara, CA, de ellos comenzamos y seguimos recibiendo asesoría espiritual, formación religiosa para nuestras familias, nos han acompañado y guiado en nuestros ejercicios espirituales y en los retiros de formación. La Parroquia de Nuestra Señora de la Paz es la sede del Grupo Santo Tomas, y donde contamos siempre con la asesoría espiritual y apoyo incondicional de nuestros Parrocos el Padre Brian Dinkel y el Padre Wiliam Montalvo.

For more information, please call Luis Gomez at 707-478-2992

IVE Third Order:

The IVE Third Order is an Association of the Faithful whose Members, living in the world, desire to participate in the spirit of the Institute of the Incarnate Word. For this reason, they are committed to form a unique family united by the same faith, goals, charism, and spirit of the IVE. Their monthly meetings are in both English and Spanish.

For more information please email

Knights of Columbus:

The Knights of Columbus is a Catholic men’s fraternal benefit society. The principles of the order are: charity, unity and fraternity. The Knights regard
themselves as the “strong right arm of the Church” helping to provide millions to the Church. Members may obtain life insurance as a way “to protect families from the financial ruin caused by the death of the breadwinner.” They organize the weekly donut sales and pancake breakfasts on the first Sundays of the month.

For more information, please contact Roland Deptuch at 650-996-3090 or


Lectors are members of the Assembly who proclaim the Word of God during weekdays and/or Sunday Masses. They also assist in creating a hospitable and prayerful environment by praying the Prayers of the Faithful, and help direct parishioners to special notices in the bulletin.

For more information, please contact Victor Reyes at 408-391-7107 or

Legion of Mary:

The Legion of Mary is a world-wide organization of the lay apostolate, in which its members sanctify themselves through prayer and apostolic work in union with Our Lady under the guidance of a priest. The Legion of Mary meets weekly and each Legionary is required to carry out a weekly apostolic work.

For more information, please email Mike Aubin at

Hispanic Curia of the Legion of Mary

We challenge people with the following question: Do you know that Mary is the safest, easiest, shortest, and most perfect way of approaching Jesus?

The Hispanic Legion of Mary is a worldwide organization of the lay apostolic of the Hispanic community, in which its members sanctify themselves through prayer and apostolic work in union with our blessed Mother Mary, under the guidance of a Spiritual Director. The Legion of Mary meets weekly and each legionary is required to carry out a weekly apostolic work.

For more information, please contact Alberto Lutgardo at: 408 661-0057.

Music Ministry:

The Music Ministry focuses on supporting and augmenting the singing of the Church congregation in worship each week, as well as providing inspiration through concerts and special events. Choir Rehearsal takes place on Wednesday evenings for the Spanish Coro, Thursday afternoon for the Cherubim Choir (children and youth), and Thursday evening for the St. Cecilia Choir (adults).

For more information, please contact Shawna Fleming at or Katrina Costa at

Our Lady of Fatima Flower Arrangement Group:

This group decorates the church with fresh flowers beautifying the church and enhancing the sacred liturgy. The Flower Arrangement Group meets every Friday throughout the year to prepare the flower bouquets that adorn the main Church.

For more information, please contact Marianne Nguyen at

Our Lady of Guadalupe (Hispanic Group):

Its members provide liturgical support for a weekly Sunday Spanish Mass as well as for the Sacraments, and Religious Education in Spanish. They also organize several sales to help raise funds for the celebration honoring Our Lady of Guadalupe.

For more information, please contact Eva Kirschbaum at 408-794-8671 or

Our Lady of Lujan Sewing Group:

This group is dedicated to sew and embroider altar clothes, and all the priestly vestments along with the altar linens needed for the celebration of the Holy Eucharist. Joining a long tradition its members make and ornament linens and vestments destined for sacred use. The group meets on Monday afternoons.

Parish Life Committee:

The Parish Life Committee enhances, promotes, facilitates and coordinates activities that bring parishioners together for mutual support, celebrating special parish and life events to build a sense of community. They assist the Pastor overseeing programs and activities that are not the responsibility of another Standing Committee.

For more information, please email

Pastoral Council:

Pastoral Council members have the responsibility to protect and promote OLOP faithfulness to the Church and to God in her service to his children. Representing the parishioners and appointed by the Pastor, they oversee and give direction to the broad areas of ministry in the Parish. They work in present and future parish projects.

For more information, please email

Perpetual Adoration Society:

Perpetual Adoration is available 24/7 at OLOP and is the heart of all its apostolate. It is a Eucharistic devotion whereby the faithful agree to be present for a certain period, taking turns to adore the Most Blessed Sacrament. New adorers are required to commit to adoration for a certain time and day.

For more information, please contact Gloria Relloma at (home) 408-262-8232 or

Regina Pacis Home School Group:

The Regina Pacis Catholic Homeschool Group is a group of Catholic families striving to encourage and support each other in the work of educating our children. We are faithful to all the Teachings, Traditions, and Doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church. It is our prayer and hope to pass along the knowledge and love of the faith to our children through our activities and interactions. We meet normally after noon Mass on Wednesdays with additional special activities happening on various days throughout the month.

For more information, please contact Mary Herbst at

Rosary Makers:

This group provides Rosary making classes for children and adults. Its members spread the devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary by making and sharing the Rosary with the world’s spiritually needy. Classes are held in the Old Hall, every Saturday morning from 9:30 am to 11 a.m. Materials are provided.

For more information, please stop by the Old Hall any Saturday.

Santa Monica Group:

The Santa Monica Group offers integral formation, spiritual, intellectual, and emotional, for everyone: adults, youth, and children. Formation talks for adults are given by the priests and sisters of the Religious Family of the Incarnate Word. They meet every Saturday at 7 pm and start each time with the Rosary.

For more information, please contact Trinidad Martinez at

St. Joseph Academy:

The Saint Joseph Academy is a full parent-participation educational center held off-site of OLOP. They offer children ages 1 through 18 a Catholic humanistic formation through a classical, integrated and history-based curriculum in the spirit of the IVE Religious Family.

For more information, please visit contact the sisters at

St. Joseph the Worker:

The members of St. Joseph the Worker Group visit the infirm, serve at Church functions, and encourage daily recitation of the rosary. As they do so, they strive to imitate St. Joseph’s virtues and silent service to our Lord. They meet monthly and annually to celebrate St. Joseph’s feast days.

For more information please contact Joey Kimpo at 408-993-1550 or

St. Vincent de Paul Society:

The mission is: To live the Gospel message by serving Christ in the person of the needy with love, respect, justice and joy. The volunteers befriend and assist individuals and families in need every Wednesday starting at 1:30 pm.

For assistance please call 1-800-557-1961. For updates on fundraisers and activities please visit

Theology on Tap:

Theology-on-Tap SV (Silicon Valley) is an opportunity for young adults to explore issues and topics that relate to the Catholic faith in a fun and casual environment. They host various talks by both religious and lay speakers to encourage thoughtful discussions and a deeper understanding of the faith. Events begin at 7 pm and end around 9 pm.

For more information, please visit or contact us at


Ushers play a vital role in facilitating the logistics during Mass by taking up the collection, monitoring traffic, keeping the aisles clear, and distributing the bulletin. The ushers handle emergency situations with courage and composure while representing the parish and Catholic community.

For more information, please call 408-988-4585 or email

Young Adult Group:

OLOP young adult group serves the community of Catholic adults in their 20’s and 30’s, supporting them in the continued growth of their faith, and development as stewards of the Church through Eucharistic Adoration, Fellowship, Catechesis, and spiritual reflection.

For more information, please visit or or email

Youth Group:

For 8th graders and high-schoolers. The focus is on building strong Catholic Friendships with other teens that love their faith, and who want to grow closer to Christ. They receive faith formation talks, enjoy games, and play sports. They meet on Fridays (except for First Fridays) at the Friday Family Night starting with rosary at 6:30pm in the gym.

For more information, contact the Office of Rel. Education at 408- 988-7543 or e-mail