Protecting God’s Children

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The Office for the Protection of Children and Vulnerable Adults (OPCVA) is committed to fostering healthy relationships by means of educating, training, and screening all adults who have regular access to children, youth and vulnerable adults within our Diocese of San Jose for the purpose of preventing harm.

Adult Code of Conduct

  • Every youth is expected to act in a Christ-like manner.
  • Be respectful
  • Follow procedures and policies as given
  • Cooperate with classmates, teachers, peers, and leaders
  • Communicate in an appropriate manner
  • Respect the personal boundaries and protection of others
  • Promote and support a safe, fun, and healthy environment through positive participation
  • No youth will tolerate abuse.

Youth Code of Conduct

Protecting God’s Children

  • Maintain clean, healthy, and respectful boundaries between adults and youth in speech and conduct
    (physical, sexual, spiritual, relational, and emotional):

    • Maintain appropriate chaperone requirements
      and adult-to-youth ratio for youth events (per
      Diocesan policy) or event will be cancelled.
    • Refrain from any sexual, sexist, racist, inappropriate comments, obscene language, alcohol, and gestures;
    • No chaperone should be alone with a young person at any time (other than a parent with his or her own child or during the Sacrament of Reconciliation). All interactions between chaperones and a youth should be in an area that can be observed by other chaperones.
    • Conduct activities with youth only with the explicit knowledge and consent of parents and guardian
  • All Youth Ministry Leaders must know of and comply with all applicable parish, organizational and/or diocesan policies with special attention to sexual misconduct, safe Environment, risk management, safety, transportation, parental permission, and medical emergency policies.
  • Report any suspicion of abuse, including reports of domestic violence, to a mandated reporter (clergy, religious, management) who will immediately notify Child Protective Services or the Police Department.
  • Refrain from any physical, psychological, written or verbal intimidation, harassment of or between staff, volunteers, or parishioners and do not tolerate such harassment towards others (allegations are to be reported to the pastor).

If you suspect abuse, please contact:

Office Rectory: Karen Ruiz 408-988-4585 x2125
Religious Education: Sr. Maria Angeles Garcias, SSVM 408-988-4585 x1111
Diocese Office for the Protection of Youth and Vulnerable Adults: Enrique Flores 408-983-0113
Child Protective Services 408-299-2071 or Call 911

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